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July: Coaches’ Appreciation Month

July 1st, 2014 // 9:42 am @

July: Coaches’ Appreciation Month

coachingCoaches: Are you feeling unappreciated? Well, you are appreciated here! I’ve designated July Coaches’ Appreciation Month. To honor you, I’m slashing prices on some of my coaching resources and programs. For example:

Check out Coaches’ Corner in Up and Running in Real Estate. If you’re not getting results from your new agents, if you’re experiencing too much turnover, you’ve GOT to look at this program. All online, so you don’t have to do hours of teaching and coaching. You don’t have to create another program. And, you have Carla’s support and experience to guide you and your agent every step of the way.  Special pricing this month for coaches, too.

FREE……I’m giving it away–yes, I’m giving away my 109-page coaching resource, Putting Up and Running in 30 Days to Work. It comes with 3 CDs, too. Just pay shipping and handling and it’s yours!

Also, check out my blog, Management in a Minute, where I’m featuring blogs on coaching this month.

Again, thank you, coaches!

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Stop that Turnover! Prices Slashed for Up/Run Coaches this Month

July 1st, 2014 // 8:33 am @

Stop that Turnover! Prices Slashed for Up/Run Coaches this Month

Aren’t you tired of too much turnover in your new agents? How much $ are you losing? Why not get your agents started fast  AND create a great recruiting toolGet the coaching package for my new agent production program for only $195 (regularly $395) when you register one agent. No more paper shuffling, no more guessing at how to coach–it’s all here to make it EASY to coach your newer agents to production NOW.

Unique new program: Now, my immediate productivity program from the smash hit book Up and Running in 30  Days is online. And, it has a coaching component, so you can coach AND see your agent’s work at any time.  See more at UP and Running in Real Estate.


Bigger discounts when you register 6 or more agents in Up and Running in Real Estate:  Get entry into the coaching portion of the program, Coaches’ Corner, for just $95–for a year. Or, purchase 11+ ‘seats’ and get access to Coaches’ Corner FREE!.  (you have a whole year to use those ‘seats’).

Your agent tuition is reduced: When you purchase 6-10 ‘seats’, the tuition per agent goes down from $249 to only $199 each. You have a whole year to use these ‘seats’, too.  (UP and Running in Real Estate is an 8 week fast-paced, high accountability business producing program for the agent, so you’ll have plenty of time to get each of your agents hired into the program in a year.)

When you purchase 11+ ‘seats’, the tuition per agent goes from $249 to only $179 each. You have a whole year to use those ‘seats’, too.

How much is it worth to you to have your new agents producing fast? $1000? $10,000? How many more recruits could you get if you could prove you have a program that assures success?

How to get the coaching package for only $95 or FREE:

1. Call or email Carla for the code for buying multiple student ‘seats’.  ( or 425-392-6914).  She will provide a code for you to use in the shopping cart.

2. Purchase those seats here.  Use the code Carla provided you.

3. Sign up for Coaches Corner here and use the code Carla provided you for Coaches’ Corner.

When your first agent registers for Up and Running in Real Estate, Carla will provide you a FREE tuition, too, to UP and Running in Real Estate, so you can see the whole program AND see your agent’s work.

You just can’t afford to have non-productive agents–both for your bottom line and for the devastating effect it has on recruiting! Go ahead. Get the time management relief you need AND dozens of coaching tips, plus more productive agents.

Questions? Carla would love to speak with you. Call 425-392-6914 or email her at Let’s get your newer agents (under 3 years) productive, happy, and appreciative of you and your coaching!

Hey! There’s another bonus, too: You’ll be able to use all those coaching skills from Coaches’ Corner to coach ALL your agents, too.


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Pre-Licensees: How to Start your Business Now

July 1st, 2014 // 8:01 am @

Pre-Licensees: How to Start your Business Now

Thinking of real estate as a career? Why not launch your business BEFORE you’re licensed? Why wait until you get into an office? Unless you can afford to get a sale after you been in the business for months, you need to launch that career NOW.

Click here to get my free checklist: 30 Things to Do Right Now (while you’re in pre-license school) to Hit the Ground Running. (great for managers to use with their interviewees, too).

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what to expect from real estate–before you sign on the dotted line? do you know the right questions to ask in the interview? Now, in Carla’s new 282 page eBook, What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School, you will know the good, the bad, and the ugly! This will save managers hundreds of hours of explanation time, too!


  • How to decide if real estate is the right career for you
  • How to determinate absolutely if you’re a ‘salesperson’ type and will love selling real estate
  • What they don’t tell you to do during pre-license –to hit the ground running
  • The 5 most important interview questions to ask to choose the right office for you
  • 76 areas you need to explore with each manager before you commit
  • The technology you need your first day in the office
  • How much money do you really need to launch a career?
  • The business start-up plan that works

Now Available for Kindle. See it on my website here.

Click here to see an introductory video.

And, answers to 100s of questions pre-licensees and new agents ask. This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone thinking of going into the business. And, it’s great for interviewers to give to prospective agents to save time and get all those questions answered.

Click here to get my free checklist: 30 Things to Do Right Now (while you’re in pre-license school) to Hit the Ground Running.

Purchase now below.  Choose whether you want the Kindle or PDF version.

buy-now_2_blue2_sOrder it right now Only $14.95 and get instant access.  GREAT for interviewing managers–save time; fully inform. Helps pick winners!

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New Resource to Market YOU

September 24th, 2013 // 3:50 pm @

marketing you 3 DHot off the press! You don’t want to brag, but you must differentiate yourself from ‘the pack’ to get that listing, or ‘list’ that buyer. You’ve discovered it’s too late to include your credentials in your presentations. So, how do you set yourself apart? Marketing YOU explains.

How to Provide Value–What Your Consumer Wants Today

The market is reviving, but,  commissions are still being challenged.. Don’t let that happen to you! Now, here’s a complete marketing tutorial from master sales trainer Carla Cross to teach you exactly how promote yourself, raise your confidence, get loyalty, and get the commissions you deserve! Create the YOU that you want your clients to appreciate. EVERY agent needs this to survive and thrive in shifting markets! You can’t brag, but you absolutely must show potential clients why they should work with you—and do it fast!

Carla shows you exactly how to create added value–and exactly what consumers say they want today from real estate agents.

Managers’ bonus: Two training modules to teach your agents how to provide value-added services and promote themselves. An essential for your new agents, and a confidence-builder for your seasoned agents.

89 pages of guidance in an immediately downloadable ebook; 1 audio CD  (CD is sent free to those in the continental US–outside the continental US, no CD available); all for $59.95.

Click here to order.


1. The six attributes of a value-added agent of today—and how to prove you are one to demanding clients.
2. The 4 actions value-added agents take daily. New competition means agents must be much better at proving they are ‘value-added. Here’s exactly how to do it.
3. The 4 marketing principles you’ll want to use to provide added value and NOT waste your money!
4. For managers: 2 complete training series. Carla shows you how to use this resource as a training tool. Raise the productivity and retention in your office—guaranteed!

Read more about this marketing strategy-packed resource……

• The rock-solid 3-step process to differentiate yourself from the ‘pack’ (one of the hardest things an agent has to do)
• Carla teaches you to find out exactly what’s special about you—and how to promote it without ‘bragging’ (you’ll be surprised at the hidden talents you find you possess, and that clients WANT!)
• 125 items to put in your Portfolio (you’ll never run out of ideas!)
• How to best arrange your Portfolio
• 5 ways to get your Portfolio in front of people at the right time
• After the Sale Survey to use to get those testimonials–and more ideas about how to get testimonials
• Mallory’s Report Card survey form to get testimonials
• Sample: Chapter Names for your ‘Book of Greatness’ in your Office Entry–a manager’s bonus

Raise your confidence. Gain more loyal buyers and sellers! Only $59.95. Click here to order.

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Up and Running in Real Estate is Creating Success!!!!

May 25th, 2013 // 3:47 pm @

logoIf you’re an agent under 2 years in the business, you need this program! Even if you’re ‘busy’ now, you need to organize, to systematize, and get those presentations perfected! Mostly, you need a great plan that is ready to implement each week. Here it is. In 8 weeks, you’ll put together and implement a program that takes you to “exceptional agent” status fast.

Investment: $249

Find out more here.

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