Add Creative Teaching Methods to your Course–April 23-24 7.5 clock hours

Add Creative Teaching Methods to your Course–April 23-24 7.5 clock hours

January 20th, 2019 // 4:37 pm @

Add Creative Teaching Methods to your Course–April 23-24  7.5 clock hours

This course will stop ‘death by lecture’! If you’ve struggled to add ‘life’ to your dull course full of facts and figures, you’ll love this opportunity! And, company managers, you’ll love having Carla do a customized version of this course so you’re sure all your associates are teaching your material correctly and expertly! You’ll create greatly improved confidence AND gain more dedicated instructors! (Plus, dozens of teaching ideas to apply right away).

Only course offered this year: April 23 and 24 (two half days) in Bellevue Wa. Click here for more information and to register.

No other course/workshop like this! All new! This course goes way beyond any Train the Trainer workshop you may have experienced!

This course has been created to help managers, loan officers, title reps, inspectors, and attorneys who teach put pizazz into their courses for better attendance, more fun, and greater referrals.

Advanced Skills to Make that Course Come Alive

  • 7.5 clock hours (live) –done in 2 sessions –2 half days; April 23-24, 2019; Bellevue, Wa.
  • The first day (10 AM-2 PM), we’ll investigate the best teaching methods and where they belong in your course
  • The second day (10 AM-2 PM), we’ll practice teach those methods in your courses; lots of practice and experience for you

Why this course:

  • To apply all you learned to the courses you teach
  • To help companies standardize their courses so several people can teach it accurately
  • Customized for each company to increase their course effectiveness
  • Polish your course so you know it’s teachable and effective
  • Bring your course module and we’ll make it entertaining, lively, and effective
  • What we do: Put creative teaching methods in your module and practice them
  • Results: Much more confidence for each presenter and your company courses have continuity you can count on!

Contact Carla (425-392-6914 or  to find out about her customization just for you! Companies are realizing that they want their instructors to be really good, and their courses to be consistent and effective. Don’t get left behind.

Click here for more information and to register. This registration closes April 20 and space is limited, so Carla can work with attendees on their own courses.

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