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Are You in ‘Pause’ Because of the Market? What to Do

March 28th, 2020 // 9:55 am @

Are You in ‘Pause’ Because of the Market? What to Do

I know. I’ve been there. When the market shifts, lots of agents–new and seasoned–just stop like deer in the headlights. Don’t let that be you. My online program, Up and Running in Real Estate, will prepare you for the market turn–and it will turn. You’ve got to be ready to take advantage of it!

Take a look at Up and Running in Real Estate.

Special for this situation: I’ll personally be coaching you as a group in the program weekly. The program lets you have access for 4 months, but I’ll extend it for 6, so you can follow the plan for a longer period of time.

Do you have a coach? I’ll make it easy (that is, FREE) for someone to coach you (besides me, too). Lots of support!

Click here to find out more and get ready to hit the ground running!

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The Online New Agent Training You NEED Right Now!

March 28th, 2020 // 9:44 am @

The Online New Agent Training You NEED Right Now!

Don’t set your training schedule aside because of market conditions. Here’s the online training program you need to get your agents ready to up and run once the market turns back on again.

Check out Up and Running in Real Estate, based on my proven success plan from Up and Running in 30 Days. This online, 8-week program is like my best-selling book for new agents–on steroids!

Tells your agent what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how much. This is not a time to try to re-invent the wheel or just hope for the best!

Coaching your agents to success: See the coaching component of the program, too–Coaches’ Corner. Together, we’ll get your agents through this and out the other side ready to sell up a storm!

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What to Do While You’re in Pre-License School

March 28th, 2020 // 9:23 am @

What to Do While You’re in Pre-License School

If you’re in pre-license school, you’re learning a lot….a lot about how to pass the real estate test. But, what about everything else, like how to sell real estate? You need a guide, so you can get ready to sell–to hit the ground running when you pass your license test!

Grab my checklist, 30 Things to Do While in Pre-License School to get ready to hit the ground running.

Wouldn’t you rather be ready to sell real estate the first day you join a firm, instead of 60 days later (like most new agents?)

Click here to get the checklist. Hit the ground running and have a successful real estate career!

And, as soon as you’re licensed, you need that same type of organized, proven system to start making money. Check out my innovative online training and business start-up program, Up and Running in Real Estate.

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March 3rd, 2020 // 4:41 pm @

Handout request--30 Things to Do While You're in Pre-License School

Thank you for your interest. Please fill out the form below, and you'll quickly and automatically see a window open on your computer. The window will ask you to save or open the folder. Open it, so you can see the documents(s), and save them where you like. We hope this information is useful to you! Our best, Carla Cross & Co. 425-392-6914

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Request for Exceptional Request Checklist

October 26th, 2019 // 11:32 am @

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Train the Trainer Audios

September 26th, 2019 // 1:37 pm @

Here are the audios which accompany my Train the Trainer program. Click on each ‘cut’ to listen to the pertinent cut on each ‘CD’. Your Train the Trainer course tells you how each CD coordinates with the written material.

Please note: The essence of the audios has been transcribed into the written portion of the course. However, the course does not EXACTLY follow the CD (in other words, I didn’t just read the course material onto each CD!)

See the CD ‘picture’ on the pages which roughly coordinate with the CD cut. The words beside the picture will will tell you the CD and ‘cut’ to listen to. You may download these, too.

CD 1 : How Adults Learn/The Principles of Effective Presentation

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CD 2: Sharpening your Presentation Skills/Setting the Stage and Evaluating Results

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CD 3: How to Create a Course Effectively/ Application, Assignments and Summary

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The CDs below are bonus. They are not required in the program. However, I thought you might like to listen to two National Realtor Educator winners as they discuss and demonstrate various teaching techniques. 

CD 4: A Teaching Demonstration, Part One (this has only 1 cut)

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CDs 4 and 5 contain excerpts from a presentation at the National Association of Realtors by 2 National Realtor Educators of the Year, Bonnie Sparks and Carla Cross.

Please note: This audio ends with some noise. Please ignore!

CD 5: A Teaching Demonstration, Part Two (this has only 1 cut)

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This is the second excerpt from a presentation at the National Association of Realtors by 2 National Realtor Educators of the Year, Bonnie Sparks and Carla Cross.


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Standards and Mutual Expectations

August 1st, 2019 // 3:35 pm @

I have done 2 short videos on these very important topics. The first video addresses establishing standards (minimum expectations). The second video explains how to address these expectations with the agent.

Take a look at the first video here: Establishing Standards and Mutual Expectations

Here’s the second video: Your Mutual Expectations Dialogue

Here are the documents I mentioned to help you think through and put your standards in place:

Establishing Your Hiring/Retention Standards for your Agents

Up and Running in 30 Days Goals and Standards

Up and Running in Real Estate Commitment Letter

Use the information here, along with the standards documents, to raise the performance of your team to a much higher level!

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Listen to Carla Interviewed on Radio Show

May 24th, 2018 // 4:17 pm @

Carla was just the featured guest on Nick Neal’s radio show, Real Estate Radio Northwest. Carla and Nick discussed ‘then and now’ real estate in Puget Sound, how to solve the housing challenges of the area today, and how to become a real estate agent–or whether you should!

Click here to listen.


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April 22nd, 2018 // 9:44 pm @

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Thinking about RE as a Career? Here’s the FULL Story!

March 1st, 2018 // 8:01 am @

Thinking about RE as a Career? Here’s the FULL Story!

Thinking about real estate as a career? In pre-license now? You need two things: All the information to succeed that you don’t get in pre-license school AND a checklist to launch your business BEFORE you’re licensed! Unless you can afford to get a sale after you’ve been in the business for months, you need to launch that career NOW.

Click here to get my free checklist: 30 Things to Do Right Now (while you’re in pre-license school) to Hit the Ground Running. (great for managers to use with their interviewees, too).

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what to expect from real estate–before you sign on the dotted line? do you know the right questions to ask in the interview? Now, in Carla’s 282 page eBook, What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School, you will know the good, the bad, and the ugly! This will save managers hundreds of hours of explanation time, too!


  • How to decide if real estate is the right career for you
  • How to determinate absolutely if you’re a ‘salesperson’ type and will love selling real estate
  • What they don’t tell you to do during pre-license –to hit the ground running
  • The 5 most important interview questions to ask to choose the right office for you
  • 76 areas you need to explore with each manager before you commit
  • The technology you need your first day in the office
  • How much money do you really need to launch a career?
  • The business start-up plan that works

Managers’ Bonuses

This month, get 6 unique checklists/’tests’ to use for your Career Nights, plus, my revolutionary start-up pre-license plan, Hit the Ground Running.

Now Available for Kindle. See it on my website here.

Click here to see an introductory video.

And, gain answers to 100s of questions pre-licensees and new agents ask. This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone thinking of going into the business. And, it’s great for interviewers to give to prospective agents to save time and get all those questions answered.

Click here to get my free checklist: 30 Things to Do Right Now (while you’re in pre-license school) to Hit the Ground Running.

Purchase now below.  Choose whether you want the Kindle or PDF version.

buy-now_2_blue2_sOrder it right now Only $14.95 and get instant access.  GREAT for interviewing managers–save time; fully inform. Helps pick winners!

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