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Do You Appreciate Enough? How to ‘Up’ your Appreciation Factor for Many Benefits–to You and Those you Appreciate!

Click here to get 25+ tips on how to appreciate in business (great for agents AND management). 

Creating Trust–So Important for Us Salespeople!

Creating trust is always a challenge. In this digital age, it’s really challenging! So, I’ve put together 10 tips to create unassailable trust: Creating Platinum-Level Trust in a Tarnished Trust World. There are 10 tips to create trust, and a ‘trust evaluator’. Take it yourself, or, if you’re in management, use it for an illuminating meeting topic.

 Recorded Webinar on Best Recruiting Strategies for 2017

Last week, I was a guest presenter for David Knox’s First Monday leadership training series. I’ve posted this recorded webinar for you in your Career Achievement free resources. If you’re not in management, pass it on to those who recruit so you’ll have great people to work with. This is also very helpful if you’re recruiting team members.

Click here to see the recorded webinar and pick up tips.

Click here to get the PDFs of the webinar, too.

Click here to get the bonus handout: How to create the best type of interview question.

Newest NAR Member Profile Reveals Interesting Statistics

Here are two things you’ll find interesting and useful. I am reading the latest NAr survey–Member Profile– to update my eBook, What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School. I found some stunning statistics that you can use to educate buyers and sellers.

First, take my true-false ‘test’ of profile trends. Click here to get it. If you’re in management or have a team, this is a fun and revealing exercise for your meeting, too.

Now, read my article on how to interpret these statistics–and what to do about them for your 2017 plan.


Master List of Resources for You

I just finished the edits for the 5th edition of Up and Running in 30 Days, so I updated my master list of resources in the online version, Up and Running in Real Estate.

To update the list, I consulted with my techie experts and others. I hope this will help you in your business!

Click here to get the list.

 New Statistics from NAR to Help you with your Listing Presentations

I just updated my comprehensive listing process, Your Complete Power Listing System.   I want to share the Objection Busters slides with you. These are statistics from NAR that back up your claims of right-pricing–and, there are wonderful statistics to help convert FSBOS.

Click here to get the slides.

3 D power listing coverSee the whole system here.

4 Tips to Get More Marketable Listings

Updated resource with new tips: My comprehensive listing resource, Your Complete Power Listing System, has just been updated with the latest, and revealing statistics from the National Association of Realtors. I’ve made a short video showing you this new resource, along with 4 critical tips you must have in your listing arsenal to listing marketable properties today–in this very competitive market.

Take a look at the video now.


man with pencil and clipboard





Can You Help New Agents?

I’m preparing the 5th edition of Up and Running in 30 Days, the new agent’s start-up plan., published internationally by Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc.  I’m going to include advice from successful agents to help new agents stay on track. Would you like to be a contributor? If so, answer the questionnaire here and get it back to me by May 23. Or, pass on the questionnaire to someone you would like to feature. Thanks!

                                          Click here to get the questionnaire.





Great Reports to Use in your Business

Many of you coach or mentor newer agents. Here’s an illuminating report from Inman Select: How to Fix New Agent Onboarding. Share it with your manager or coach     Click here to grab it.

Another illuminating report from National Association of Realtors:  Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report. Read it and make money by going to the right markets now–and save money by not investing in markets that will not return enough to you.

Click here to get it.


2015 profileStatistics to Use with your Buyers and Sellers

Get the latest survey results from the National Association of Realtors, along with Carla’s conclusions and tips for you to use in your buyer and seller presentations. There are 2 short videos:

Excerpts from 2015 NAR survey of buyers and sellers: Part One–Buyers              Click here to see it.

The PDF of the slides is on the same page.

Excerpts from 2015 NAR survey of buyers and sellers: Part Two–Sellers.  Click here to see it.

I’ve included a PDF of the slides, too.


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Plan_Act_CelebrateGot Your Business Plan Done for 2016?

Get some free advice! Watch my complimentary business planning webinar here.

Grab the PDF of the slides AND my strategic planning process schematic. Here’s to a great 2016!

PS: If you’re now in management, why not show this webinar to your agents?


coaching standing in the lightLast Quarter Projections

Do you know what your last quarter will bring you? Here’s a simple, yet effective way to check to see what you ‘have in the hopper’ and what you have in income for 2016. Let me know what ‘ahas’ you get when you use it! Click here to get the form.





man with pencil and clipboardHalf Year 2015 Checkup!

How are you doing year to date? Here’s a simple one-page check-up with some questions for you to redirect your business for a great second half of 2015.

Click here to get the 1/2 year check-up.



October: Time to Review–and Make a Great Last 3 Months of 2014

Grab my simple yet insightful 3-month business review and get ready for an exceptional last quarter.

Click here to get it.

How’s 2014 going? Do you know? If you’re like most of us, you’re caught in the everyday whirlwind and don’t take time to review where you are and where you’re going. So, since this is the end of the quarter, and we’re going into the last quarter of 2014, I’m providing you a simple, effective 3-month review sheet. This is just one of the planning worksheets I include in my online business planning program, Beyond the Basics of Business Planning. 

Three Steps to a Great End of 2014
1. Do the 3-month business review, using my review sheet in the free giveaways here. What did you learn? What adjustments do you want to make for a great last quarter?
Suggestion: Take this to your manager and get help and ideas for your review.
2. Decide on one action that will make you feel like 2014 was a ‘best year’. Suggestions:
a. Talk to the 10 people who have been most influential to your success this year–and thank you without asking for a thing!
b. Send 10 ‘you’re awesome-type cards’ to those you admire–and you haven’t told them–and don’t ask for a thing!
Why these actions are important: They will make you feel great about yourself. And, as human behavior expert Maxwell Maltz states, (and I wildly paraphrase): We only take risks when we are feeling good about ourselves.
3. Decide on one action in your 2014 business plan that you haven’t taken or optimized and get it done this last quarter.*
*If you’re one of the majority of real estate pros who don’t have a plan, or want a better plan, check out my online planning resource and congratulate yourself  for running your business like a business.
Let me know how you’ve made this last quarter a stand-out!

July: ‘Coach ability’ Evaluator

coachingDo you know someone who you think would benefit from coaching? Forward them my Coach ability Evaluator. It will help that person figure out whether he/she will get benefits from coaching.

Free–My 109 page coaching companion to the 3rd edition of Up and Running in 30 Days

I have some that I will give to the first people who contact me–just pay shipping and handling. This is a $99 value. It was initially created to be a coaching companion to the Up and Running book. Now, the book is in its 4th edition, and I have a new method of putting that program to work with coaching support:  Up and Running in Real Estate.

Click here to order your free copy of the Manager’s Coaching Companion to Up and Running in 30 Days (109 pages, 2 audio CDs, 1 ‘document’ CD). Get them while they last!

First Quarter Check-up

Plan_Act_CelebrateBecause you’re a Career Achievement member, I’m issuing a special invitation to my first quarter business plan check-up–a webinar.

When: April 3, 2014

Time 1-2 PM Pacific Time

What: A business plan review

How are you doing in your business this year? Because you purchased my business planning system, or are one of our Career Achievement coaching clients, I’m going to lead you through an analysis of your 2014 plan to date, help you make some adjustments, and give you some 2014 business planning tips.

Included in this 45-minute webinar:

How to analyze your best sources of business to date and how to allocate your resources to save time and money
2 little known sources of business for you–no or low cost and easy to do
How to figure if you’re on track BEFORE you see those big results
A review of your important numbers to look at regularly
Carla will answer your questions about business planning, too! Register now and mark your calendar. This will not be recorded, so set aside the date!

Click here to register! _________________________________________________________

It’s getting toward the end of the first quarter, and I have a couple of analysis tools for you to use. Hopefully,  these will drive you through the end of the first quarter with renewed enthusiasm for selling real estate! These are also very helpful if you’re mentoring someone.

what-they-dont-3d_coverSelf-anaylze your attributes for success   This self-analysis is excerpted from my book for would-be and newer agents, but it’s very useful for all of us to review our great attributes. Why? Because sometimes we’re selling ourselves short. Doing this analysis will help you see areas where you can use your skills and talents to leverage your success. This is also a wonderful tool to help counsel those thinking about going into real estate. It’s excerpted from my new eBook, What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School.  

Qualities of a successful sales associate   This document helps you compare your skills/talents/interests analysis to what I believe are the qualities of a successful salesperson. Share this with your managers to use as they interview for winners.


appreciation little girl with presentIt’s time to appreciate! Click here to get my principles of appreciation AND dozens of way to appreciate–great for this time (December)  of year!

Plan_Act_CelebrateComplimentary business planning webinar to get ready for 2014.

Click here to view it.

what-they-dont-3d_coverJust Hot off the Presses: What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School

Just published my new eBook, which tells prospective agents everything YOU”D like them to know–if you had 20 hours to spend with each candidate! (282 pages, $14.95)

Do you receive some type of credit for referring agents to your office? Or, do you want to help your friends/acquaintances learn about real estate as a career? This book will do it for you.

I was thinking: Why don’t we get new agents started faster by having them do meaningful activities during their pre-license? So, I created this checklist that’s in the book and I am sharing with you: 30 Things to Do Right Now While You’re in Pre-License School to Hit the Ground Running.

You can pass this on to your manager: Use this with those great candidates you’re interviewing and get them prepared to sell real estate so they really do ‘hit the ground running’. Great to use, too, if you’re doing Career Nights.

And, because you’re Career Achievement members, here’s the first chapter free!  Click here to grab it.

Excerpts from the 2012 NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers

Click here to see it. This gives you great information for your business AND to use with buyers and sellers.

Click here to see a business planning update video for mid-year.

Click here to see more business planning tips.



Promoting YOU: How to Get Testimonials

Want more testimonials, but don’t know how to ask? Take a look at a simple, yet effective strategy Mallory used to get testimonials from former clients. Here is her note, which accompanied a postcard (you could do it via email or a survey company like Survey Monkey).

2nd Quarter 2012 Posts:

Your 3-month business plan review: It’s time to look at how well your business plan is working for you and make any adjustments you need to make.

10 Tips to Establish ‘Platinum’ Trust

This is a great checklist and evaluator to use to see if you’re establishing the kind of trust that earns you referrals (which means less work and more pay-off for you)

Best Marketing Concepts

Are you optimizing your marketing efforts? Read this and find out.

Are You Watching for ‘Red Flags’?

Are you thinking of hiring an assistant or a buyer’s agent? If so, read this article first on red flags you must recognize as you interview.

Red Flags article



Video: Business Planning Tip





Watch this webinar on business planning:

Beyond the Basics of Business Planning




Beyond Business Planning: Click here to get a review of your motivational state of mind, which will tell  you if you have sufficient motivation to achieve your business plan goals.

Video: How to Start Any Presentation with Pizzazz

Whether you’re doing a sales meeting or a listing presentation, you’ll want to start that presentation as strongly as possible. Watch Carla’s tips now.

A recorded sales skills webinar with Verl Workman

Some of you will love this, some of you will hate it, but, you’ll learn a lot and be entertained. Join Verl for the webinar I hosted, titled How to Become a Freaking Sales Animal.

Click here to watch.


5.12 New Video on Motivating and Appreciating

Click here to watch this video–great for working with other agents and your team.

4.16.11   New posts:

Check out the interview posted below I did with Brad Hanks on social media. Also, I’ve posted a Social Media Planner for you to use. Enjoy!

New posts: Check out the posts below on business planning–a webinar and checklists for you to sharpen your business plans. Enjoy!

Themes: Motivation and Getting Listings Priced Right

  1. Motivation
  2. Getting Listings Priced Right

Theme One: Motivation

In this challenging market, we all need all the motivational help we can get! Here are some tips for motivating yourself. During this quarter, too, you’ll receive an audio CD with motivational tips.

Awakening the Exceptional You–use the tips here to tap into your talents

Carla Cross Complimentary Audio

Complimentary Motivational Audio for Clients

Click here to order the audio CD Inspiring the Exceptional YOU

Internal Motivational Review — use this review to assess your motivational strengths and challenges

Theme Two: Getting Listings Priced Right

Here’s a great saying: “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.” If you can’t get the price right before you list, get a price reduction agreement. It’s amazing how sellers forget what you talked about when it comes time to reduce the price!

Price Reduction Agreement — using this will double the amount of money you make with your listings!

Sellers: True or False — use this true/false questionnaire to dispel the myths sellers have. Tip: educate sellers out of these myths during your pre-first visit package and your marketing presentation.

Business Planning for 2011

Webinar: Grab your Business Plan for 2011 Click here to view.

This webinar is password protected. The password is 2011

From the Coach: 53 Tips to Assure Your Business Plan Succeeds

Here’s another webinar on business planning I just did for NAR.

Enjoy!   Click here to view.

Business planning worksheets for you:

Click here to get all the Action Plan items.

Click here to get your Internal Review.

Click here to get a method to analyze your strengths and challenges.

Social Media Update

Social Media interview with expert Brad Hanks   Click here to listen.

Social Media planner: Click here to get it.

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