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Now Online! Start your Train the Trainer Course Now

April 5th, 2020 // 4:33 pm @

Now Online! Start your Train the Trainer Course Now

Yes. ‘Live’ courses have been cancelled. But, you can start your ‘train the trainer’ course right now. I’ve put my course in an all-new course software and it’s completely online. Register and get instant entry to become an instructor certified to teach Washington clock hour courses.

Yes! This course fulfills the same qualifications as my ‘live’ course to become an approved instructor in Washington state

Yes! This course is 15 clock hours (real estate licensees)

This online course is much more than just a course to certify you to train. You’ll learn practical presentation strategies and training techniques that work whether you’re in front of 2 or 200. You’ll walk away with dozens of proven training techniques to use immediately. My new course software makes it easy to navigate. Attendees say they take home dozens of tools to add interest and audience engagement to their courses. 

Isn’t this a great time to polish your presentation/training skills? Take this course! You’ll learn:

6 ways to deliver your message without droning on lecturing4 best methods to control your audience—gracefully (!)

How to conquer your nervousness—tips from someone who’s been on stage since age 4

7 methods to become a more effective presenter in any situation

Best practices to organize that 3-5 minute sales presentation

3 models to use to create your 3-minute presentation and even your 3-day course so you’re confident it works in the classroom

Click here to watch the video below. Register at Cross Institute.

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New Agents: Start Your Online Training Right Now!

March 28th, 2020 // 9:44 am @

New Agents: Start Your Online Training Right Now!

Why wait? Position yourself for success now. Don’t set your training schedule aside because of market conditions. Here’s the online training program you need to get up and running once the market turns back on again. If you wait, you’ll lose 3-6 months and be behind the curve.

Check out Up and Running in Real Estate, based on my proven success plan from Up and Running in 30 Days. This online, 8-week program is like my best-selling book for new agents–on steroids!

Detailed prioritized action plans, with training and coaching included.

Bonus: Carla is providing group coaching to all in her program once a week–FREE.

Managers: You can coach with us–FREE. See the coaching component of the program, too–Coaches’ Corner. Together, we’ll get your agents through this and out the other side ready to sell up a storm!

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What to Do While You’re in Real Estate Pre-License School–Free Checklist

March 28th, 2020 // 9:23 am @

What to Do While You’re in Real Estate Pre-License School–Free Checklist

If you’re in pre-license school, you’re learning a lot….a lot about how to pass the real estate test. But, what about everything else, like how to sell real estate? You need a guide, so you can get ready to sell–to hit the ground running when you pass your license test!

Grab my free checklist, 30 Things to Do While in Pre-License School to get ready to hit the ground running.

Wouldn’t you rather be ready to sell real estate the first day you join a firm, instead of 60 days later (like most new agents?)

Click here to get the checklist. Hit the ground running and have a successful real estate career!

And, as soon as you’re licensed, you need that same type of organized, proven system to start making money. Check out my innovative online training and business start-up program, Up and Running in Real Estate.

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