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Mike Brodie’s Profit Share Presentation

April 15th, 2019 // 10:32 am @

Mike Brodie’s Profit Share Presentation

Here are the slides and the audio from Mike Brodie’s recent profit share presentation. We were so fortunate to get to hear from Mike, since he is one of the top profit sharers in Keller Williams Realty, and, last year, earned over a million dollars in profit share!

Click here to see the slides.

Click here to hear the audio (you can also review the first webinar we did on planning and profit sharing, too.)

Some of Mike’s major points:

Profit share grows slowly, but picks up when you reach your 6-7th levels. Mike didn’t make any profit share his first year! After his 20th year, he saw great increases.

You never know who will be successful. Offer agents the opportunity!

Set aside 1/2 hour several times a week to make calls of ‘thanks’. Express your thanks for the transaction or any ‘happening’ with another agent. Use the assumptive close: “Ive told my team leader about your _______________________. She/he will give you a call. Please take the call!”

Just doing this over time will increase your profit share tree–and, you’ll be helping so many others create better careers and lives.

A little KW history: Gary Keller’s agents worked with him to create ‘the kind of company where no one wants to leave’. They suggested sharing the profits. At that time, it was a revolutionary idea, one that Gary embraced and built an economic model on. As the company has grown, the profits have grown, and more profits are shared–even internationally.

When is a good time to refer? Any time. When the company was small, it was more difficult to refer, because no one knew about the company–and profit sharing wasn’t a reality in most areas. Now, Keller Williams Realty is the largest company in the US, has shared billions of dollars in profits, and, since becoming international, has many more opportunities to refer. Profit sharing really demonstrates the ‘win-win’ of the company belief system.

Opportunities: Mike is an investor in several regions and market centers nationally. His success has allowed him to create other passive cash flow in several other businesses (see the slide). What can you do to earn passive income and leverage YOU so you can enjoy the life you want to live?

Join us for our next webinar, where we’ll feature team leaders who do a great job in helping their agents refer–and follow up. They’ll help all of us get comfortable referring and working with team leaders.

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Free! 4th Edition Up and Running in 30 Days with your Order of What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School

April 11th, 2019 // 4:21 pm @

Free! 4th Edition Up and Running in 30 Days with your Order of What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School

Yes, I’m giving away these books, that usually sell for $30, when you order What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School (an e-Book–$14.95). Just pay shipping for Up and Running and purchase the eBook. Why  am I gifting you? Because the 5th edition of Up and Running is available now. I have just a few of the 4th edition, so order What They Don’t Teach You….  now to assure you get your free copy of Up and Running in 30 Days, 4th edition.

See more here. Read about this start-up plan all in one book!

When you order the eBook, you’ll automatically get the Up and Running book via UPS. Be sure to include your physical address in your order.

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My Interview for Wisdom of Friends

December 6th, 2018 // 4:14 pm @

It was an honor to be chosen as a guest to be interviewed on Kal Arias’s podcast series, Wisdom of Friends. Kal asked insightful (and sometimes hard to answer) questions.

Click here to listen to the interview.



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Earn Commissions Selling our Resources

November 8th, 2015 // 2:25 pm @

bag of moneyWould you like to earn royalties by promoting and selling Carla Cross resources? Carla has created a program so you can.

What can you earn?

You can earn commissions from 10-30%, depending on the resource. Many of my resources are included in my affiliate program.

For affiliates selling internationally:  Check out my digital resources. They are great for affiliates internationally, since nothing has to be shipped.

Before you apply, read my affiliate rules here.

How to Sign Up as an Affiliate

Apply here.

You must be approved to become a Carla Cross & Co. affiliate.

After you are approved, you will have a page with a log in, so you can see your earnings. Click here to see that page.

My clients tell me how ‘meaty’ and informational my resources are. I know they recommend them. Now, you can recommend them AND get a ‘thank you’ in the form of a nice check. Thank you for your continued support.



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