Coaching: FAQ

There are so many coaching programs out there. Can I ‘try yours on’ so I’m sure it’s a fit?

Yes! We’ve created a complimentary consultation for you and your potential coach. (Not available for group coaching). Here’s how we do it. First, we gather some information from you. Then, based on our preliminary communications with you, we match one of our coaches to do a complimentary consultation with you. You’ll have a chance to ask your coach any questions you want, and your coach can get to know you. By the end of half an hour, you’ll know if it’s a ‘fit’. If it isn’t, we’ll start over!

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I’ve investigated some of the other coaching programs. How is your program different?

From coaching hundreds of agents and leadership, Carla knows what works. She knows that clients need three things to succeed:

  1. A business plan. This plan is developed with client and coach using the business planning system Carla developed through working with professionals ‘in the field’. Clients develop great plans faster, because her systems provide specific guidance every step of the way.
  2. Systems to support the action plan. Carla knows that action plans don’t get implemented without systems. So, each coaching individual program includes her business planning systems (either for agents or leadership).  Clients proceed with confidence, save time, and get into action faster and better.

A professionally trained, real-estate specific coach. Her coaches are hand-picked by Carla, and are trained and coached by Carla in Carla’s professional systems.

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I see there are deep discounts on resource systems included in the Career Achievement and Leadership Mastery programs. What will they do for me?

Your client manual is your main guide. It has dozens of resources for you. It keeps you on track, and helps us set goals and measure your successes. You will use the other resources as needed to shore up your knowledge and skill to accomplish your goals. These resources will provide the systems to save you thousands of hours of time ‘rein-inventing the wheel’.  Unfortunately, most coaching programs don’t have any training component, so you have to go to another source to get the information you need. Not here!

Salespeople. You want to list a property more often when you go to a listing appointment. But, you don’t have a system. We help you customize the systems in Your Client-Based Marketing System.

You now have all the packages, systems, and dialogues you need to list properties right—every time you go on a listing appointment!


Leadership. We know you want to recruit, but generally don’t have a recruiting plan. We help you create an individualized plan using the unique Recruiting Planner, from your system The Complete Recruiter. You will have greatly improved confidence in your ability to recruit winners, because you will have created a recruiting plan with this “fail-safe” planner.

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I already have your business plan. Do I get a credit for this purchase?

Yes, if you have the latest version of the system, and we can verify that you purchased it from us. Your credit is applied to another resource of equal or greater value. For example, if you had already bought the agent’s business planning system from us, you would receive a credit on your account of $99.95 toward another program, like The Complete Buyer’s Agent Toolkit ($129.95).

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What else is included in your program?

  • Membership in our Coaching Club, which includes special offers not available to others
  • Free downloads of processes and systems, plus articles to keep you motivated and inspired
  • Free training and motivational CDs
  • 10% off on all CCC resources—for life!
  • Advance notice of all new resources coming up
  • Regular motivating and training emails from Carla, your Head Coach
  • A 20+ page report on your individual behavioral style (plus an additional report for Career Achievement and Leadership Mastery clients on their motivational styles)
  • Special tools to help you analyze your specific business strengths and challenges—not available in any other program

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What happens in a CCC coaching session?

There are 3 sections to every coaching session, done in this order:

1. Past
You and your coach will be discussing your accomplishments from the prior week—those things you said you wanted to get done. This helps with one of the biggest challenges real estate professionals have: time management.
2. Present
You will have an opportunity to get help from your coach in specific areas; we help you fill in the needed training foundations you want to master to reach your goals
3. Future
You and your coach will decide on which actions you want to take in the coming week to accomplishment what you want to get done—this keeps you focused on what’s really important to you, another big challenge for real estate professionals

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Explain what my coach and I would be doing as we start our coaching partnership.

Prior to your first coaching call, you’ll provide us with a review of your business (we use a review system that Carla designed, so that your coach—and you—will learn a whole lot about you’re your business is working). You’ll get the results of your behavioral profile and motivational profile (in the individual programs).  With all this information, your coach and you create your game plan, using the appropriate prioritization tools of CCC and your business planning system.

Together, you’ll create:

  1. A dynamic, proven lead generating plan, (or recruiting plan, for owners), customized to fit your needs
  2. A plan of attack for creating organization, focus, structure, and systems to support your business growth

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How much time will it take to do the work?

This coaching series is ‘real life’. The things you decide you want to accomplish are those meaningful business activities you would do if you were doing your business in the most effective and efficient way possible. For example: You have lead generating expectations that you and your coach set up each week. Why? So you can meet more people and sell more houses!

We promise you that you won’t have any non-meaningful, non-important ‘busy work’! So, the answer is that the coaching series doesn’t take any ‘extra time’. Doing the work is your career day—when you are working at optimum.

For those of you who feel you are not working at optimum: We’ll help you build new success habits to replace some of the non-productive time you have been spending with productive activities. You’ll be more focused, more relaxed, and accomplish more.

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What’s your business-getting strategy? Do you have your way of doing the business?

Our overall strategy is based on what works in real life—and what we know clients are willing to do!  So, we don’t use the dictator approach of “do this now because I said so”! After all, our clients are adults, and we are coaching them, not dictating to them! We also don’t use a limited approach to expanding your business. Instead, we teach you how to prioritize the activities in your business, so you are spending less time, getting more results, and enjoying it more. The strategies we use come from Carla’s experience as a top producer and a top broker, upholding the highest ethics and culture for a quality, sustainable business. We’re not going to teach you any shlocky methods to cut corners!

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Some coaching programs have non-real estate experienced coaches. Who are your coaches?

We want you to have the best experience possible. So, our coaches are real estate ‘pros’, each personally chosen by Carla Cross. They also go through an extensive training program with Carla, and are coached regularly by Carla.

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How does your program compare to the other well-known programs?

If we were to put our coaching program on a continuum with 2 other very well known programs, this is where our program focuses, in relationship to the other programs:

Dictator/just do this                                         Carla Cross                                                          Touchy-feely
Narrow view of business                                Full View of the business                                    Narrow view of business

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I’m not interested in just a ‘feel good’ program (where they say, “How are you feeling about that?”). I’m running a business! How will you provide me solid game plans I can count on (I’m not organized enough as it is!)?

Too many ‘generic’ coaching programs have no ‘game plan’ as a foundation, so you don’t know priorities—you can’t decide which is the right step to take. Carla knows that you can’t coach to great performance without a great ‘game plan’; her game plans were created in the real world of real estate sales and management, proven over and over—and used by thousands of successful real estate professionals; Carla’s is the only real estate coaching program today that uses these unique game plans (her business planning systems). You deserve a solid foundation, and Carla’s programs provide that to you, so you can proceed with confidence toward your goals.

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I’m okay with being accountable to my plan. I just don’t want a cookie-cutter, “just do this now” approach. How flexible are your coaches?

Of all the real estate coaching programs around today, (and everybody’s calling himself a coach………), Carla’s is the only one actually created as a result of her working with agents and managers in real estate offices—one at a time–over a period of 2 decades. She knows that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, and she and her coaches work hard to help you create a game plan, motivators, and methods that work for YOU.

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What do you mean………nuances?

Before we even start working together, you and your coach will have a 20+ page report, your behavioral profile, interpreted by professionals, which details how you like to work, your strengths, your challenges, and your unique approach to your business and people. Working with your coach, you expand this as you create your goals and strategize on how to deal with the clients (and agents) in your life—more effectively.

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I don’t want my coach to act like another ‘mom’. Will my coach get mad at me if I don’t get my action plan done?

Rest easy. That’s not the way it works. This isn’t a parent-child relationship! Your coach’s job is support your goals, and help you remove barriers to those goals.

What will happen if you aren’t completing the actions that directly affect your goal attainment? I’ve asked our coaches to be honest with you. We’ll help you assess your progress regularly, and help you make adjustments in your plan. After all, you aren’t going to sing our praises unless you have achieved your goals with us!

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My biggest problem is organization. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely! Our coaching program has been created as a major organizational tool. For example, in the first week, we have a process that helps you organize and prioritize your goals. We even help you put them on a 6-month timeline, so both you and your coach know how to proceed. We know that this coaching experience needs to be highly organized for you—at the same time, provide great ‘personality’ flexibility.

One of Carla’s coaching clients, Chuck Hormel, says, “You have helped me put recruiting and training systems in place that I doubt I ever would have gotten done. I’m so glad I’ve worked with you.”

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I get going in too many directions at once. Can you help me with focus?

Yes! One of the strongest points of our program is that we have the tools that create and provide focus. One of Carla Cross’s talents is to create analytical tools and sales processes that give you insights into your own strengths and challenges. Her sales processes keep you focused and on track

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Time management. It’s my biggest challenge. I sell and manage an office. How will you help me recruit, train, and coach when I just don’t have time?

This is one of the areas that excites us the most! Carla Cross is the only person coaching at the leadership level who provides the detailed supporting systems to create a recruiting plan, implement it, implement productivity-focused training and coaching—and get everything done faster with measurable results!


Holly Berry, one of Carla’s coaching clients says, “I’ve worked with several of the coaching gurus. Nobody else, though, has the systematic approach, the specific tools you have, to show me the ‘how’. I wish I had found you years ago!”

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How will I keep track of my accomplishments—and how will my coach keep track?

We have created specific documents for capturing your action plans for the following weeks. We have created specific documents for recording your goals and your actual accomplishments in all major areas. All you need to do is to use these goal setting and measuring documents with your coach. It’s easy and you really learn where your strengths are.

You will also be summarizing your accomplishments monthly, so you’re sure you are really making progress. You’ll tell us, too, how you feel about your progress in the program. Twice during the program, too, we’ll be surveying your ‘customer satisfaction’ via an email survey. We want to assure that you are stunningly pleased with our program!

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How will I know if I should be in your program?

Take a look at our credo, and ask yourself if your values mirror our values.  If so, you will feel we are a ‘fit’ with you.

Our Carla Cross Coaching Credo

  • Provide a solid foundation of a proven game plan, from which to coach, so our clients have the ‘music for which to create their own successes.
  • Create an encouraging, positive, supportive, and uplifting experience, so clients are motivated to step out to reach their goals.
  • Provide insights, expertise, and real estate guidance to help our clients go further, faster, and with greater confidence.
  • Remember that each of our clients’ well-beings transcends all our considerations.We respect that your career and your business is a big, very important part of your life. We are honored that you are considering us as your coaches.

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What People Are Saying

"If anyone is looking to build an office from scratch or is looking to turn around a struggling office, all they need to do is become a student of Carla Cross and their success begins the moment they open up the first product. Carla's resources are of high quality, well thought out, written by a successful person who has "done it", and best of all they work!"

David Lindahl, CRB, Broker/Owner, P. H. P.Realty

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