What Our Coaching Clients Are Saying

It’s such a pleasure for my coaches and I to be able to work with our clients. Their accomplishments are our true ‘thanks’ for our efforts! We strive to treat each client as an invaluable individual- and treat them like we would like to be treated.


About Leadership Mastery Coaching Program:

Carla, Thanks so much for all of your positive influence. You are making a tremendous difference!!! I am becoming more focused and more aware of what it takes to run a business as a business!

–Dan Wingard, Keller Williams Realty, Bellevue, WA.

I have added a significant amount of structure and direction to the office and training program from working with Carla. The Advantage and Up & Running in 30 Days along with the Coaching Sessions has been very informative and well organized.

Carla has been a very creditable source of feedback and information while I have been learning her recruiting and training program. I appreciate that she keeps me focused on the little wins as well as the big picture. I value her great depth of experience and feel she is right on target.

Most helpful: She has been supportive, a good listener, and a good coach that has been willing to allow me to come up with the answers as well as direct me in the right direction. I have found Carla to be a wonderful resource in the real estate field. Her audio CD’s and printed material which are utilized in the broker coaching program have been a great asset to creating systems for my office while focusing me on growing my company. I would recommend her without any hesitation to agents and brokers who want to take the next step to grow their businesses.

— Scott Selleck, Owner, New Jersey Gold Coast Real Estate

Carla, I’ve been in other coaching programs, but, they didn’t provide me the two invaluable things yours is providing:

  • Management recruiting, training, and coaching systems
  • Your expert guidance and advice

I like to move fast, but like to have my ‘ducks in a row’, too, before I move, and you’re helping me move at the right pace for me.

— Holly Berry Cosentino, President, Berry Realty Company, Decatur, GA

Carla, I have been extremely pleased with your coaching methods. In the brief time we have been working together (4 months), the number of productive agents in our office has tripled and our monthly revenues are higher than ever. In addition, we now have a good solid training program in place so our ability to continue the trend is secured. It was well worth the investment. Thank you so much!

— Jason Bennecke, MBA, President/CEO, Gold Key Real Estate, Inc.

Carla, I have gotten so much further faster with your coaching and your support for the implementation of training and coaching. I’m also confident now that I can recruit to my values and build my company much faster and better.

— Chuck Hormel, Owner, Country Homes Realty, Spokane, WA

Wonderful dialogue, provided new avenues for recruiting, keeps me focused on goals. (Carla) helped to set standards for office. Dedicated to the growth of my company.

— Kelsey Metzger, Garrow GMAC – Grand Blanc, MI

Hello Carla, Thanks so much for providing incredible guidance and structure for my business. I continue to utilize you systems and resources you have developed and they are exceptional. My business plan has become much more focused and my agents are seeing the benefits of systems and structure, in this business of real estate that can pull them every which way. It’s great not only to have the guidebook, but the experienced guide to keep me from wandering off on trails that lead to wasted time and money. The investment made to be coached directly is absolutely the best decision for anyone developing a quality real estate company and will provide exponential rewards. You are the answer for anyone that’s serious about implementing systems and processes that work, and for providing training on how to train agents to actually utilize them. I’ve studied many different trainers and programs and in my opinion, “You’re the best!” Thanks again for your time and genuine commitment to my success and the success of my agents and company.

— Dan Wingard,   Keller Williams Realty, Bellevue, WA.

One of the values of my coaching with Carla is to have someone to talk over ideas with and to provide proven techniques for dealing with the day to day challenges of management & recruiting. My time with Carla is often like a retreat from the daily office routine. She has provided insight to issues that I must deal with as a manager; she has encouraged some of my ideas that are new to our office and helped me to better define others. Her experience helps me to not have to work by “trial and error” and she is providing a very solid foundation for me in my first months in this new role as a leader in our local market. I feel that I’ve gotten off to a quicker start in my new role than if I had to figure everything out on my own.

— Jim McConnell, Manager, ERA Lambrecht, St. Petersburg, FL

About Career Achievement Coaching Program:

Awesome program, I feel like I’m now getting to the point where it’s “real” in the sense that I’m working with it and making it my way of working. Excellent intro with the DISC and motivators also -I know myself pretty well compared to the general public, but I learned a lot I didn’t know, including the “why” of a few things I thought I knew. Jodi has helped me get going on this new style of work, and given me tips to make it my new habit and integrate things I already do well. Jodi is awesome!

— James McNeil, 1st USA Realty Professionals, Mesa, AZ

Barb {Vanderpool} is not only a genius, she knows the real estate market past & present.  She always finds new ways to help me expand my business, while keeping things fresh and new.  Her knowledge of vacation/resort areas is the most beneficial for me.

–Tara Hart, Realty Executives, Big Bear, CA

As a current CA client, Jodi has been with me every step of the way. She has been an awesome source of motivation, encouragement, support and inspiration–some good humor too!

With her firm, but gentle guidance she has truly helped me develop a successful path to my real estate career. With her coaching techniques and style, you will reach your goals…she will not have it any other way. You tell her what your goals are and she will help you get there! It was such a great feeling when I sold my first property!!!

Something a little more personal, even when I was down, Jodi was right there to help. She cheers me when I am on a roll too! Even though she has done all of this, she also reminded me during each coaching session to stay accountable to myself and to value myself, without reservation. If you are just starting out in your real estate career or you just want a boost, go to Jodi!

— Ann Thurman, Realtor, CANTU GROUP INC. Residential Real Estate Brokerage

Barb’s contagious enthusiasm grabs you and takes you on a supportive, productive, and revealing journey to being a better Realtor. After 6 mos. of coaching, I have been transformed into a “cut above the rest” agent. I have moved into a healthy competition with other brokerages and a compassion for all Realtors as a result of working with Barb. If you are new to the business (as I am) or a seasoned Realtor, Barb can take you from where you are to the next level and you will love every minute of it!

— Bobbie L. Snope, Georgia Realty Specialist, Brunswick, GA

Jodi does an excellent job as a coach, she is very knowledgeable about the real estate industry and I have learned some great new ideas from her. Jodi genuinely cares about her clients. If I were to take the same training once again or go to the next level, I would definitely choose Jodi!

— Gary Monardo, Century 21 Green Valley Realty, Fallon, NV

I’ve had the best year ever and couldn’t have done it without Barb. She was great.  Tons of ideas, suggestions and the occasional slap in the back of the head. wanted more focus in my business and have gained that.

-Sherry Laporte, Royal LePage, Ottawa, Canada

Thank you for the great coaching.  In a time of economic uncertainty, you taught me the skills and gave me practical knowledge that empowered me to endure and persevere during shifting markets.  As a result, 2009 was my best year ever and 2010 looks great too.  You are the best!

Ed Cashwell, Re/Max Heritage

I think it’s great to have a coach to bounce things off of and to learn from someone who has been very successful. Barb is a great person and we hit it off right from the beginning.  I think the program is great, the information is wonderful too.  Barb coaches  you to get back to basics and reinforces what needs to be done on a daily basis in order to produce great results and get referrals for life!

— Margaret Biegelman, Select A Home, Island South Merrick, NY

About Up and Running Small Group Coaching Program:

Hi Jodi, Wanted to let you know that I wrote a listing last night based directly from my circle prospecting last week. Hurray!I have another lead that I’m following up from the same circle prospecting day that may produce a buyer.  Should know this weekend.

— Lauren Powell, Capital City Sotheby’s International Realty, Austin, TX

Dear Jodi, Please take a moment to accept my sincere gratitude for being an instrumental part in developing my successful real estate career. During the start-up process of building my business, Jodi taught me valuable business skills. Jodi then kept me on task by holding me accountable to creating goals and completing the business building activities in order to achieve them.  I’ve also witnessed Jodi make a positive impact on other agents lives. Through teaching them to their learning styles, on how to build real estate business’s worth having. With an agent fall-out rate of 80% with-in the first two years. I feel that without Jodi’s influence, myself along with many other agents would be out of business.

— Pete Holeman, Keller Williams Western Realty, Bellingham, WA

The business planning information as well as mapping out activities to help achieve results.  Barb {my coach} always make herself available and make me accountable to continue to pursue my goals. She is energetic, supportive, and encouraging.

— Traci Wright, Colonial Real Estate, Middleton, DE

Dear Carla, Thank you for your help in getting my career started off on the right foot.  I did your “Up and Running” coaching and am in awe at how much it helped prepare me for the real world of real estate.  My coach, Jodi Sipes, demanded a lot of work from me, and I thank her for it.  It helped me develop habits that WORK!!!  I use what I was taught every day, and thanks to you, and your team of professionals, my career truly is Up and Running!

— Jason Barnett, The Main Office, Shreveport LA

Carla Cross and Jodi Sipes offer a method of bringing people who are not familiar with real estate sales into the mainstream of the activities necessary to have a successful real estate career. It is as good as I’ve seen and should not be taken by anyone who doesn’t want to learn how to work the business and make a good living.

— Ron Henderson, Owner, United Country Westmark Brokers, Montrose, CO

Jodi, I have found you to be extremely helpful in my real estate career.  As you know, I just started in real estate afew months ago.  I was very “green” on the whole process. With your assistance as well as the great program Carla has put together, I am MUCH more confident in my abilities.  There was a lot of work to do, but I know the finished product is far superior to anything the other Realtors in my area are using.  You were very understanding when I had some conflicts, and gave me the encouragement to continue with the program. Thank you so much.

— Christi Herbert, Steamboat Village Brokers, Ltd

I am a “restart” in real estate. I had realized that I needed to try something else or bring new life into my real estate.  Several agents in our office are taking the coaching class together (we have 3 more sessions to complete). This is a program that can bring an office together. We are working as a team on (very successful) open houses and are now very supportive of each other. This is good for an office as a whole.  Jodi wants us to succeed! She is a great cheer LEADER! She has a way of bringing to light what we didn’t/couldn’t see that was right before our eyes. Real estate won’t ever be the same again. As for me, I have found my enthusiasm and regained my confidence.

— Angie Wilson, Broker Associate, United Country WestMark Brokers, LLC, Montrose, CO

Jodi has been very professional and helpful with the tough group that we have at our office along with the time difference. She has given me a different way of looking to obtain clients and how to use resources effectively.

— Derek Eason, Mossy Oak Properties – Shreveport, LA

Jodi Sipes is the best thing at Carla Cross! She makes you know that you can succeed no matter who you are. Thanks, Jodi, for being my coach and my friend as well. Jodi helped me realize everything works by the numbers, you need a schedule. By making me put everything on paper, as visual, I now have a buyer packet, listing presentation, and a marketing portfolio.

— Carla Truscott, United Country Westmark Brokers, Montrose, CO

What People Are Saying

"If anyone is looking to build an office from scratch or is looking to turn around a struggling office, all they need to do is become a student of Carla Cross and their success begins the moment they open up the first product. Carla's resources are of high quality, well thought out, written by a successful person who has "done it", and best of all they work!"

David Lindahl, CRB, Broker/Owner, P. H. P.Realty

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