Resources for Meeting Planners

Having been a meeting planner in one of her previous positions, Carla knows how important your job is. She’s created several systems to assure the event goes smoothly, so that YOU are the hero! Having a successful event with no glitches is your goal—and ours.


Having a successful event with no glitches is your goal—and hours. To do that, we have created several unique systems:

1. Pre-conference written survey
With specific surveys for specific audiences, knowing market conditions, company values, and meeting planner goals assures the audience is addressed specifically

2. Pre-conference phone interview

Carla will set aside one hour (or more if needed) to speak with meeting planners and leadership, so they can address their needs

3. Meeting Planner Toolkit

This toolkit provides you all the information need to present to meeting planners

4. Pre-Conference Marketing

CCS markets to real estate professionals in the area (if appropriate) to increase your audience

5. Your Exceptional Event Toolkit

Coordinating checklists, introductions, room set up and more—all you need to provide a glitch-free event

6. Full, detailed outlines

Detailed and ready-to-use processes so attendees walk out with added value. Special detailed handouts included for at or after the event, too

7. Full customization

We customize every event using our Pre-Conference Surveys, so it carries the focus and importance we think is necessary to really deliver to each organization.

What People Are Saying

"If anyone is looking to build an office from scratch or is looking to turn around a struggling office, all they need to do is become a student of Carla Cross and their success begins the moment they open up the first product. Carla's resources are of high quality, well thought out, written by a successful person who has "done it", and best of all they work!"

David Lindahl, CRB, Broker/Owner, P. H. P.Realty

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