Presentations for Leadership

Looking for a credible management speaker/trainer? With her management achievements, it’s logical that Carla specializes in management topics (managing offices and managing your business). Within that specialty, she focuses on ‘people development’—finding the right associates for your firm (recruiting/selection), and applying her recommended coaching and training strategies to develop exceptional production and profits.

In this day in age, Carla believes its not enough to ‘pump them up’ or yell motivational slogans. It takes a process–and Carla’s exclusive ‘people development’ processes have been proven in the real world to work to gain production and profits.

Here is a sampling of Carla’s most popular presentations for leadership. For more topics and descriptions, or information on how Carla can build a completely customized presentation for you, please email us so you can include them in your Meeting Planner’s Toolkit to present to your decision-makers. Carla is always adding the newest material, strategies, statistics, and tactics, so her programs are constantly evolving and always ‘fresh’.

Don’t see what you need here? Contact Carla to see if she can deliver to your needs: Email her at carla@carlacross.com

Presentations for leadership:

Need to Help Your Trainers Train Better?

Have a training faculty and need to help them ‘up their games’? There’s little training out there for trainers! Talk with Carla on how she can help your trainers be much more effective–so your training classes fill up AND you get real measurable results!

What People Are Saying

"If anyone is looking to build an office from scratch or is looking to turn around a struggling office, all they need to do is become a student of Carla Cross and their success begins the moment they open up the first product. Carla's resources are of high quality, well thought out, written by a successful person who has "done it", and best of all they work!"

David Lindahl, CRB, Broker/Owner, P. H. P.Realty

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