Masterclass Video and Materials: How to Take your Classroom Online

Masterclass Video and Materials: How to Take your Classroom Online

June 13th, 2020 // 6:09 am @

Here are the video and materials from my free webinar

Masterclass: Take your Classroom Online 

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Watch the video to create your online presentation  

Click here to grab the PDF of the webinar slides.


Click here to gain the 2-page handout to assure your online presentation has all the elements to succeed: Checklist: From Classroom to Online. 

Click here to gain the handout to organize your webinar or course using the proven ABA formula. Watch the video to see how NOT to organize your online course! 

Click here to gain the Handout to translate your course from class to online that we used during the webinar. 

Watch the video to see why putting your course online is not merely turning on the camera and talking as you do ‘live’.

Suggestion to get audience engagement: Make a handout for your course that people can use to translate your course information to their ‘real life’. You’ll be engaging your attendees as you progress during the webinar.

Two Ways I Can Help you Go Online with Verve and Confidence

Your company/association Mastermind series. Contact me to discuss my working with you to help your course creators/presenters translate their classroom to online. 425-392-6914 or carla@carlacross.com 

My private Mastermind series: Join me for a 4-week series to put your course or presentation online, one step at a time. (Doesn’t include putting in course software). We’ll meet once a week for a 45 minute Zoom call. What we’ll do:

  • We’ll work with your course materials.
  • You’ll get the skills to put great audience engagement tools right into your course in the right places.
  • You’ll have a chance to practice and mastermind with others in the group.
  • You’ll gain confidence and have fun at the same time!

Investment: $499, Contact me at 425-392-6914 for the next series, or carla@carlacross.com.




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