Business Planning Training for
Productivity and Profit

It’s estimated fewer than 5% of real estate agents, and less than 10% of managers actually have a business plan. Business planning doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. Carla makes it interactive, fun, motivating—and effective! After all, she wrote the only internationally published book on business planning for real estate agents.

Carla provides four options, from one hour to two-day programs, customized for your specific company needs, of course.

Choose from 4 formats:

  • Polish Your Business Plan for a Better Next Year
  • For real estate professionals,1 to 3 hours
  • Agents and managers learn what to include in their plans and why certain aspects make all the difference to their success. Includes forms and templates make planning easy. Great for a convention or training topic.

Live or online.

  • Beyond the Basics: Business Planning Success
  • One full day: Half-day for agents; half-day for managers
  • In this entertaining and informative program, agents, learn the 5 Critical Areas of a Business Plan, and the 4 Areas all Agents Need to Address in their plans to make and keep more money. Agents get several planning pages to use in creating their business plans. Managers learn how to coach agents to their business plans; what to look for; how to avoid pitfalls; how to create their own plans.
  • Masterclass: Business Planning for Leadership
  • For managers; 1-3 hours and a 7 hour option
  • This program provides insights into motivating agents to create and implement effective plans. Shows the 6 areas managers must coach agents to succeed. Managers also learn The 3 Most Critical Areas to Plan to increase productivity and profits. Managers get a checklist of the vital areas in which they must coach their agents to assure their business plans work effectively.
  • Beyond the Basics of Business Planning: Write Your Plan
  • For agents and managers, intensive two-day program
  • Agents and managers learn the complete business planning system created especially for real estate agents or managers: On the first day they learn the system and write their plans. On the second day, they share their plans, brainstorm effective strategies, and get positive reinforcement. Entry into Carla’s online business planning system, Beyond the Basics of Business Planning, is included.