Women’s Council of Realtors: “Recession-Proof Your Business for a Stunning Year Ahead”
Frontrunner Mortgage Officers’ newsletter: featured writer for 20 issues
Austin Real Estate Executive: Featured columnist for each monthly issue
Women’s Council of Realtors: “How to Beat Your Competition”,
Women’s Council of Realtors, Communique: “Does Your Marketing Make the Grade?”
Real Estate Executive, “Are You to Kill Your ‘Sacred Cows’?”
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Broker Agent News, “Work on the Business, not just in the Business”,
Illinois Realtor, “Training for Success”,
Real Estate Professional; Regular column contributor
Broker/Agent News: hard copy and web: Regular contributor
Real Estate Executive: Regular contributor
Broker/Agent Magazine: Regular contributor
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R.E. Real Estate Magazine, “If You Train: How to Avoid the Three Biggest Mistakes Trainers Make”
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Real Estate Broker Insider: Develop a Coaching Program to Improve Agents' Productivity and Profitability
America's Broker: New Agent Expectations Often Unrealistic
Beyond the Basics: Small Adjustments Pay Large Dividends
RealEstatement: Small Adjustments Pay Big Dividends
Beyond the Basics: Ten Tips to Success
The Recruiting Pipeline: Coaching Recruits to Have Raving Fans
Northwest RE Reporter: Six Steps to Building a Guaranteed “Goldmine Business"
Ohio Realtor: Good office managers are coaches, not social workers
Seattle-King Co. Realtor: Time to Scope Your Business Plan
Management Issues/Trends: Create an Effective Coaching Program for Profitable Results
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Real Estate Broker Insider: 5 Tips for Picking Winning Agents
Real Estate Broker Insider: Take Agents to the Next Level in their Career Development
Management Issues and Trends: Five Systems to Get Agents Productive Fast
Management Issues and Trends: Five Systems to Get Agents Productive Fast
Real Estate Broker Insider: Help Your Agents Plan for a More Productive
Real Estate Broker Insider: Coach Your New Agents to Success
Real Estate Perspectives: Choosing a Real Estate Agent
Massachusetts Assoc. of Realtors Newsletter: Marketing for Referrals
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Management Issues and Trends: Real Estate: “Team” Is No Longer a Four-Letter Word” Summer
Broker/Agent Online Magazine: “Who Needs a Business Plan?”
Broker/Agent Online Magazine: Featured columnist for each issue Regular contributor
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Management Issues and Trends: From a Broker Who’s Been There: How to Manage in a Challenging Market
Broker Agent News: Choosing the Right Company Structure for You
Real Estate Broker’s Insider: Win Listings with marketing plans
The Recruiting Pipeline: Regular Contributor
Frontrunner Newsletter: Regular contributor
Real Estate Broker’s Insider: “Under-promise, Over-deliver”
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CRB Issues and Trends: Behavior that’s Reward is Repeated: Training for Customer Satisfaction, for a Change, Summer
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The Real Estate Professional: “Change Leaders" Are Needed to Guide our Industry
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California Assoc. of Realtors Magazine: “Systems for Success”
Marketing Minutes, a Quantum production: “Is Your Process “Client-Centered”
Marketing Minutes, a Quantum production: “Is Your Process “Client-Centered”
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WCR Business Planning–national article

Articles in Other Magazines/Reviews

  • Cosmopolitan: Careers in Real Estate
  • LA Times: Consumer Notebook: Be Picky When Choosing an Agent, excerpt from Cross's book, Buyer Beware, 1998
  • Professional Speaker: Putting “YOU” in the Topic, April 2000
  • Inc. Magazine, professional interview, May, 2001

Radio/TV Appearances (local, state, national)

  • CNN (TV)
  • KOMO radio
  • KUGN radio
  • Real Estate (King, a 50,000 watt station in Seattle; several appearances)
  • Real Estate America (nationally-syndicated radio show)
  • MSNBC, Morningblend, as an expert on buying real estate, July 1999
  • CNBC (TV) Several appearances
  • KVI radio
  • Best Ever Show (2 interviews)
  • Frontrunner CD Interview Series (3 interviews)
  • Isucceed interview series (3 interviews)
  • CRB Training Series
  • Bulletproof Cashflow Show podcast