Up and Running in Real Estate–Online Training

logoAre you an agent under 2 years in the business? Wanting some solid direction? Need confidence to know you’re doing a professional presentation? Want specific skills to work with buyers and sellers? Take a look at my online training/coaching program to get you a sale fast–and teach you long-term business habits for success.

Up and Running in Real Estate is the only program of its kind. Get all the information about it here.

In 8 weeks, you’ll get the business habits, skills, and confidence to compete against even the most seasoned agents. You’ll be projected to gain at least 1 sale (if you follow the program, of course), and you’ll gain the confidence that comes from knowing you’re doing a professional job, no matter how many days, weeks, or months you’ve been in the business.

This program combines your business start-up plan, training, and dozens of resources to assure you perform at maximum–even if you’re new in the business.

Is your manager willing to coach you in the program? Check out the coaching component in the program. Your manager joins our Coaches’ Corner and gets all the information to coach you successfully, plus access to Up and Running in Real Estate.

Your investment: Only $249 for this very robust, focused, proven program. Find out more here.


What People Are Saying

"If anyone is looking to build an office from scratch or is looking to turn around a struggling office, all they need to do is become a student of Carla Cross and their success begins the moment they open up the first product. Carla's resources are of high quality, well thought out, written by a successful person who has "done it", and best of all they work!"

David Lindahl, CRB, Broker/Owner, P. H. P.Realty

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