At this year’s National Sales Meeting we invited Carla Cross to speak to our group about ways to enhance their short presentations.  What a dream! Besides presenting a beautifully crafted workshop, Carla was so organized. From quick-response communications to sending concise, efficient contracts and timely invoices; providing useful stage plots and A/V needs, seminar materials, and creating spur of the moment facilitator instructional videos, Carla never missed a beat. She has her business finely tuned and orchestrated as befits the master musician she is. I would definitely enjoy working with Carla Cross Seminars again!

 Renee Oakes, Executive Asst. to Lorna Mello, CEO, Sarju Patel, CFO Fidelity National Home Warranty


Skills to Make Your Best Presentation Ever

You’re an affiliate (title, mortgage, inspector, attorney, etc.), and you’ve dropped into a real estate office meeting. The manager sees you, and says, “Jody, I’m so glad you’re here! Why don’t you give a 5-minute presentation on the challenge of ___________ and how your company can solve it?”

Does panic set in? Or are you prepared? Can you create a presentation—right now?

Unfortunately, most people called on to present wander around in a vast wasteland of information—and then just stop with relief when their time’s up. This doesn’t help that affiliate stand out—and get more business!

You will be able to meet the challenge, if you learn the formula for putting together that presentation—even on the fly.

‘Live’ or Online.

Who Will Benefit

  • Managers who must lead sales meetings
  • Loan officers and affiliates who need to do short sales presentations
  • Sales agents presenting buyer and seller seminars
  • Trainers who wish to polish their presentations
  • Anyone who needs to be persuasive and effective in front of 2 or 2000.

You'll Walk Away With

  • The secret structure of all persuasive presentations; a process to craft your presentation—even on the fly.
  • How to avoid the deadly presentation sins we practice when we don’t know what we don’t know!
  • The performance principles all great presenters use to assure high self-confidence and exceptional outcomes
  • The 5 best methods all performers use to control nervousness, cancel fear, increase self-confidence, and double their effectiveness
  • How to apply dynamics and non-verbal ques to improve your presentation outcomes

Customized for You, Plus Course Resource

You’ll never feel you’re getting the same canned presentation from Carla!

  1. She uses her creativity gleaned from many years as a musician/performer. (Carla will probably tickle the ivories and involve the audience to unlock their creative brains).
  2. Each presentation is customized with Carla’s unique pre-conference survey, so you can communicate exactly what you want delivered, and the outcomes you expect.
  3. Each participants receives a detailed resource to use after the presentation to craft creative, effective presentations. 7-point action outline included, too. Here’s the first page of the facilitator guide, too, from the program, so leaders can facilitate practices.

Time frames: 45 minutes to 3 hours (can be expanded to a one day session)