It’s increasingly competitive to recruit the best agents. Systematize your recruiting plan with purpose so you save time and energy. Delegate to increase team effort. Gain agents who match your vision and culture.

Inside the latest edition of The Complete Recruiter, you’ll find the skills to recruit winners who match your values and company culture. Gain the interviewing skills you need to convince that recruit that you’re the best choice. Identify your best source of recruits, so you gain great success more easily from your recruiting efforts. Create your own plan in just a few minutes using the five-step Recruiter Planner.

Online, so you have instant access to the materials and the audios.

Included here:

  • 10 trends you must build your recruiting around
  • A comprehensive checklist to use to track your recruiting progress
  • Job description for a successful real estate agent
  • Qualities of successful real estate agents
  • Knock-out factors to ask on the phone
  • How to partner with your agents to get them to recruit for you
  • 8 guidelines to create an audio recruiting tool
  • 10 methods to build the “attractiveness” of you
  • The 4 steps to build your magnetic story
  • What real estate agents are looking for in a company, office, and manager
  • The 9 selecting and interviewing skills you must master—and how to do it
  • 11 ready-to-use letters and scripts on your document CD
  • The best 9 questions to ask the would-be new agent
  • The best 8 questions to ask the experienced agent
  • The best kind of question you can ask—and how to create it
  • 9 of the best questions you should ask in every interview
  • Post-interview checklist
  • The AAA method of handling objections
  • The essential skill to close every recruit you want
  • 125 items to put in your recruiting presentation
  • 21 keys to using your presentation effectively
  • The 25 items to put in your “Book of Greatness”
  • Overall checklist: Recruiting systems you need
  • 8 point procedure for the first interview
  • 6 items you must have in your pre-first interview package
  • 7 essential items for your post-first interview package
  • 7 ways to systematize your recruiting plan to save time
  • How to get a recruiting lead
  • How to make a recruiting call
  • 3 scripts for making a recruiting call
  • A script for your assistant to make a recruiting call
  • How to make a marketing plan for recruiting
  • 5 sample ads
  • 4 sample press releases
  • Press release format
  • 5 recruiting letters
  • The 10 top recruiting actions best recruiters take today

Systematize your
Recruiting and Delegate

The Recruiter Planner

Few people who recruit have a formalized plan. Get ahead of the competition. Create your recruiting plan with this easy-to-follow blueprint, including a sample plan. Dozens of strategies and tips on how to create that plan, too (and most common mistakes).

Build an Effective Recruiting Presentation

Step-by-step guidance to build an effective recruiting presentation, with over 125 suggestions on what to include. Organize easily:

It’s the finest resource available in today’s market. Carla’s found the answer for all of us who’ve been asking questions about positioning ourselves as better recruiters. The Complete Recruiter makes you look inside your company, your staff, and your future
, CRB, CRS, Owner, Century 21 Hastings, Sioux Falls, SD, former president Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers
Jeff Hastings
I ordered and put myself through your Complete Recruiter. Up till now I couldn’t tell whether you were another book and tape seller or a real-deal trainer. You are a real deal trainer. Wow. Excellent stuff. Lots of work to do. I’m now prioritizing what I can do quickly to change my methods so I can keep interviewing as I change my system. Impressive.
President/CEO, Exit Realty Partners
David M. De Luna
Carla, When I started to see the results from this program, I ordered The Complete Recruiter. After putting together all of my systems, I hired my first experienced agent! What helped me close her was her perceived professionalism of my organization due to the line of questioning at the interview, the excellent presentation book that I had developed and presented and the after interview package that I sent out. All of this is thanks to your wonderful program. The Complete Recruiter has also helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses and has given me the confidence to go after experienced agents.
CRB Broker/Owner, P.H.P. Realty
David Lindahl