Launch Your Career with Confidence.

New 6th edition!

As a new agent, you’re getting advice on how to start your business from all sides. It’s confusing. Up and Running has the priorities you need and the plan of action for each of four weeks. What to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how much to do to reach your goals.

With Up and Running in 30 Days, you start your business with a proven business plan just for the newer agent–not just a list of possible activities, like other training programs provide.

Much more than a book of sales tips, this resource provides specific guidance on the best types of lead generation for you, including marketing, technology, social media, and sales skills to become an exceptional agent—fast. But, most important, you get the same business plan successful agents use to create exceptional business. 

  • The 4 best lead generating sources for new agents—and how to contact and convert them to clients
  • A prioritized lead generating plan to provide focused guidance to the new agent
  • A detailed business start-up plan, with the conversion rates for leads to listings to sales, so new agents know exactly the work it takes to reach their goals; no guesswork here
  • 7 critical sales skills with scripts and dialogues
  • A detailed guide to following up with the Internet lead, so you can capture and keep more Internet leads as loyal clients
  • quickly
  • A sample marketing plan, including social media, complete with marketing budget, so you can focus on capturing and keeping clients with systems
  • A social media planner for the new agent, so you can create exceptional marketing habits from day one of your career
  • An expanded 4-week plan with detailed weekly, prioritized checklists to follow with social media included, so you can stay focused on lead generation, lead follow-up, and lead closing
  • A completed sample start-up plan, marketing plan, with social media, and budget for the new agent, to provide guidance to you to stay on the sales career path to sales quickly
  • Specific, detailed dialogues for lead generating sources

A Look Ahead to Your
Long-Term Success

What's next? At the end of your four weeks, there’s an evaluation for you to complete. What are you proud of? What do you want to keep working on? Evaluate yourself on your activities and attitude and plan your next 6 months in the business.

Bonus plan:  There's a template to create a 60-day plan to extend your success with the Up and Running principles.  This is a great value to coaches who are supporting their new agents’ success, so they can extend their start-up plans until they are ‘unconsciously competent’.

Here's a sample week's checklist.

You’ve invested $$$ and YOU in your career success. Now, gain the business start-up plan, training, and coaching to assure your efforts pay off.