Train the Trainer
15 clock hours

For new or experienced trainers

Getting in front of people as a trainer is much more than just sharing your expertise.  With this online course, you’ll gain dozens of teaching strategies to hold your audience’s attention and enjoy great participation.

Who is this for: Anyone, from someone who's never taught, to those who have extensive experience.

Personal coaching from Carla: This isn't just a static online course! Carla Cross, your coach, reviews all your work and comments frequently to help you stay on track and refine your strategies.

Get expert advice on overcoming challenges, like unruly audiences, handling time constraints, and controlling nervousness. Because we’re teaching online much more often, you’ll get tips to transform that course and your presentation for effective delivery online.

Tuition is $249 per person.

Multiple registration discounts: See discounts and how to use them at the bottom of this page.

This distance learning course fulfills the requirements to become a clock-hour approved instructor in Washington State and provides 15 clock hours in Washington state. It has the same curriculum as the 'live' course, Instructor Development Workshop. 

Looking for the 'live' course? See the 'live' course and schedule here.

This Course is Does Much More than Qualify You as an Instructor

Don’t just take a course to qualify as an approved instructor in Washington state. This course will give you much more: Dozens of presentation skills; ready-to-use forms and examples; advice to conquer nervousness, ‘control’ your audience, even how to set up your room for maximum learning.

Are you teaching fact-heavy courses? This course is great for those teaching high-density, fact-based, or technical courses (title reps, escrow people, mortgage reps, attorneys, accountants, etc.). Why? Because Carla will teach you unique methods to quit relying on that boring lecture (admit it, it’s boring!) and turn your course and your presentation methods into high-participation, high-attention, even fun learning experiences. (And they’ll learn much more!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Included in this course:

  • Your Action Plan (use to help your students capture important actions to complete—a great learning tool)
  • Worksheet: Process to Create a Persuasive Presentation
  • Diagrams: How to Prepare the Room for Optimum Learning
  • Reflection Time: The Questions to Ask to Assure they Learned
  • An Effective Model for a Skill-Building Workshop (to build your course)
  • Presentation Survey Form
  • Presenter Evaluation
  • Sample Attendance Record
  •  Washington Department of Licensing
  • How to Become an Approved Instructor

7 examples of training tools, including

  • Samples of a skill-building workshop: Both student and facilitator guides (5 pages of detailed facilitator and student guides)
  • Curriculum of a skill-building training program
  • Curriculum of a ‘technical’ series training program
  • Example of a skill-building Evaluator (creates greater skills much faster)
  • Reflection Time questions (for retention)
  • Example of a New Agent Training Calendar

The Train the Trainer course guide explains exactly how to take the course, the work to complete, and the time frames involved.

This course is much different from your generic 'how to train' course. It's created by National Realtor Educator of the Year, Washington Realtor Educator of the Year and former master CRB (Certified Real Estate Broker) instructor Carla Cross.

The best of Both Worlds:
The 'Hybrid' Version of Train the Trainer

Companies, teams, and associations: Present a customized Train the Trainer hybrid course to your team. This will propel your instructors and courses to 'exceptional'.

How it works: 'Hybrid' is a combination of taking the course virtually, coupled with 'live' instructor-led sessions. Carla and your attendees will 'meet' via Zoom once a week for a 45-minute session for 4 weeks. She will personally coach, review work, answer questions, and help attendees get ready for the next week.

Motivation and support built in! Want to know more? Contact Carla at 425-392-6914 or email her at

Available with a registration of 5 or more participants at once.

Read more about this unique hybrid Train the Trainer course here.

About the hybrid course from a participant:

Carla's  {hybrid}Train the Trainer course was very practical and offered opportunities for her students to immediately practice some of the skills explored in the class. It was particularly practical as we headed into more virtual learning with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources offered by Carla Cross during her instruction and afterward proved to be very valuable to me as I started teaching courses at our local realtor association in eastern Washington. 

Ron Almberg, Managing Broker, Keller Williams Realty, Washington

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Note: Each registrant has 6 months from your date of purchase to finish the course. After that, renewal rates apply. When someone buys 'bulk discounts', that person has one year to distribute each of the 'seats' purchased through bulk discounts.