My sister an I performing at our first recital. I'll help your audience find their hidden talents, too!

Secret Performance Principles to Drive Your Career to Greatness

Keynote             45 to 90 minutes

Looking at things differently is key to making a change in your habits—a change that results in more success with less stress.

In this uplifting, motivating, and fast-paced keynote, Carla uses music to demonstrate this secrets of peak performance in an entirely different way. From age four, when she first crawled up onto the piano bench and found the black keys, Carla started tickling the ivories. No, this isn’t a recital. It’s a motivational presentation.

Carla uses the piano as the medium to help audiences grasp performance principles and apply them to their businesses. They uncover their hidden or forgotten talents, and address how to exploit them in their profession today.

And, they have FUN!

During the presentation: Carla teaches someone to play the piano (in about 30 seconds) to demonstrate the power of coaching and direction. The audience even gives a standing ovation to the new pianist!

She involves the audience to demonstrate the synergistic power of the team.

Throughout a musical career which has spanned four decades, Carla was coached by the best—and became a highly regarded performer and performance coach. (She earned a bachelor’s degree in piano performance and an M.A. in music theory). Playing everything from classical to jazz to pop, Carla tackled some tough creative challenges. One was creating a course to teach classical piano teachers how to teach pop piano styles. She’s learned how to help audiences break down barriers to creativity and open their worlds to more success.

In this unique keynote participants will be inspired and motivated!


  • The three insidious barriers to peak performance—and how to crash through those barriers
  • How to banish call reluctance and gain exceptional tenacity of purpose
  • How to gain focus and single-minded purpose
  • How to create unassailable confidence in your ability to try something new—and keep going to mastery
  • The science of goal attainment: The 6 points you need in your life to attain your goals Keys to building your motivation so high you can't stop until you reach your goal
  • Creating the teamwork you need for highest goal attainment

Don’t let your next sales rally or award ceremony be just more of the same. This keynote gets them on their feet and inspires them to put aside those barriers and create success.

Needed on site: A piano