A Unique Guide to a Reliable Selection Process

The selection process can be a ‘catch as catch can’ without the right systems in place. Your Blueprint, an eBook, provides the processes and checklists to assure you cover all the bases.

You’ll even get a ready-to-use ‘cheat sheet’ to use each time your interview, to assure you stay on track and discover who that candidate really is. If you want to hire discriminating agents who can hack it in this market, you need a planned, practiced, professional interview/selection process.

Use the forms and processes 'as is' or customize your own. Don't waste time interviewing and 'losing'. Gain that professional edge now.

Tip: You teach your agents to do a comprehensive interview process with buyers and sellers. You provide them questionnaires. Show your savvy recruits that you use the same professional processes.

In this resource:

  • Getting laser focus on who should—and shouldn’t—be a candidate for you
  • The screening process you need prior to getting them into your office
  • Phone pre-screening questions to save you time
  • A pre-screening process to delegate to your assistant to save you time
  • What gen x and y are looking for so you can fine-tune your approach
  • Best interview questions to absolutely predict their success (or lack of it)
  • A video to show you how to create, phrase, and ask those 'crystal ball' questions
  • Organization and content of your process so you stay on track and appear as professional as you’d like to be—guaranteed to impress candidates
  • The 8-step interview process the most successful businesses in the world use (keep it on your desk!)
  • Systems: The 4 professional packages you need to stay organized and impress winners

This is a digital program. Nothing is shipped to you. After you place your order, you will receive instructions at the bottom of your confirmation on how to download this resource and watch the video.

Please download immediately.