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Training for Trainers

Create courses that work. Increase your confidence with presentation skills. Translate that 'live' course to online with verve.

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Real Estate Professionals' Productivity Tools

Proven productivity systems to launch and grow your career. Gain the strategies to go from 'salesperson' to business owner.

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Consultant For

Build a productive, inspiring environment. Implement complete systems for recruiting, selecting, training, and coaching.

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Results-Based Coaching

Up and Running in Real Estate-Online Training

Get the right start with this proven business start-up plan—along with the training to make a sale fast. 'Live' coaching weekly supports your success.

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Leadership Mastery Coaching

One-on-one coaching exclusively for managers and owners. Gain that extra edge to recruit winners; implement systems to turn 'okay' agents into profit centers for you.

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Trainers' Masterminds

Are you using every training opportunity you can to be the best? Translating what you know to a presentation or course is much more than just talking. Trainers’ Masterminds shows how to polish your delivery and course (live or online).

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Complimentary Coaching Consultation

Find out if one of these unique coaching programs is right for you. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions, and we'll have the opportunity to get to know you and what you want to accomplish.

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The Complete System to Develop Your Agents

As leaders, we want to assure our vision is consistent in everything we do. That's why using an integrated training and coaching program is so important. Carla's New Agent Development System (NADS) assures your agent captures your vision and values and creates success fast. You'll save time and money using an integrated system, too. Find out more here.


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