Recruit Your Dream Team

You don’t have to settle for just licensees—assemble a real dream team.

Having the strategies and plan to recruit the right people fires up managers to recruit. Here are the concrete, proven steps the best recruiters use to recruit those who lead in productivity and bottom-line profits.

In this session:

  • Killing the sacred cows that destroy our recruiting efforts
  • Your dream team–how to recognize them
  • Match your values and theirs for change-ready leadership
  • Uncover your unique skills and talents to recruit without competition
  • Identify four mistakes managers make in recruiting that cost them big $$$
  • Best bets for the best recruits (possibilities not known by your competitors)
  • Five recruiting strategies so you won't have to give away the store to get a recruit
  • The best type of interview question you’ll ever ask (and no one else uses!)
  • How to evaluate your team now–are they helping you win the recruiting game?
  • Three dynamite in-office programs to attract the recruits you want

Managers will come away from this session with strategies and skills ready to put to work to recruit people who will return profits to them–and provide a team play atmosphere for less stress, and more job satisfaction.

Included: a 7-point action plan and detailed outline
For: Managers, assistant managers, coaches, trainers.
Time frame: 1 ½ to 3 hours; can be an all-day workshop.

This program is fully customized with Carla’s pre-conference survey process to meet the needs of each company