Polish Your Trainings for
Greater Impact

Delivered live or online

Help your instructors increate more exciting, involving, memorable training.

Instructors can tend to reply on tried and true tricks teach. It works—to some extent—until it doesn’t. How do we make changes, try new techniques, and get coaching for ourselves? Without some coaching help, we won’t risk trying something new—on the platform. So, things don’t change.

A Great Environment for Helping Instructors Gain New Skills and Confidence

Carla Cross has created  unique, effective customized workshops to help instructors gain skills and confidence. From working with thousands of presenters, trainers, and coaches, Carla knows how to encourage participants to take risk and try new skills. The result: Increase confidence and teaching effectiveness.

Here's an example of the handouts and dozens of teaching methods we explore in this workshop.

Each Workshop Is Customized Depending on Needs

Your association or business teaches certain types of subjects. Your instructors are generally used to teaching in a certain way. To introduce new teaching strategies, Carla implements a total comprehensive process to assess needs, design the program, give the program, and follow up after the program to assure new techniques are adopted with confidence:

To access needs: Carla does a phone and/or written survey with leadership to ascertain biggest challenges and desires for new strategies; she creates a written survey to your instructors to find out challenges and what they want from an instructor update workshop

With this information, Carla creates a fully customized program for your instructors.

This program includes: A handout with ready-to-use processes, with a coordinating PowerPoint presentation—and practices built in with instructors to gain confidence and team build.

Topics can include:

  • Gracefully and effectively handling audience challenges
  • Effective presentation techniques to optimize the presenter’s skills and talents
  • Creative teaching techniques to hold audience’s attention
  • How to avoid Death by PowerPoint and use it effectively
  • How to gain participation from your audience for better cooperation and retention
  • Effective use of visuals, props, and demonstrations as learning tools
  • Stories: They can make or break your training: How to use them effectively

Results: Your company courses have continuity you can count on. You will gain enthusiastic instructors because you’re supporting their development. With great instructors, your attendance at conventions and trainings will increase, along with your audience’s expertise.

For: Leadership and trainers

Time frame:  1.5 to 3 hours. Can be a one- or two-day interactive workshop

Included: Detailed outline; 9-step action plan; handouts as guidelines for implementation