How to Create Clients for Life

Listen as top producer and exceptional referral maker Sandee McDuffie shares how she makes her clients so happy they refer her clients to build her business every year.
Find out how Sandee keeps her expenses to a minimum and still makes a big impact.
We know that keeping an ‘old customer’ costs 6-9 times less than getting a new one. Are you spending too much money and effort chasing strangers?
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How to Get Your Career Up and Running from Day One

John Mayfield, international real estate speaker, interviews Carla on how new agents should launch careers to make money fast  and enjoy the business. John is past president of Certified Real Estate Brokerage Council, and is presently president of Missouri Realtors Association.
Carla shares the five moves new agents need to make at the beginning of their careers to create a professional brand. And, most of those strategies are FREE. Finally, sadly, most new agents don’t take advantage of these strategies and lose business from day one.
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Secrets of Successful Coaching

Barbara Beckley interviews international real estate coach, Carla Cross, on how she helps her clients get results they can see–actionable behaviors that make a positive difference in their careers.

Carla explores how her background as a performing and teaching musician has helped her create a unique approach to help her clients
1. Remove barriers to action
2. Resolve their fears of moving forward
3. Stay focused on what they want
4. Create step-by-step plans to move ahead
6. Recognize accomplishments, which spurs them forward even more.

You won’t hear another coach with these insights–and you can use them yourself to coach others–and apply to you to accomplish your goals.

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